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Seoul off circles photos

Video Seoul scenes 2002-2004 - open mid 1

Video Seoul scenes 2002-2004 - open mid 2


March 3rd recording DVD/CD "Homura" with Choi Sun Bae and Harada Yoriyuki in Seoul for "off note",Japan


out now! CD "Expedition" on ESP,New York

December 29th opening event at yitronik

complete mother-of-pearl-series

5th European tour with Otomo Yoshihide`s ONJE:
November 4th Geneva,Switzerland / 7th Tours,France / 9th Reggio Emilia,Italy / 11th Zagreb,Croatia

out now! CD "NUN" - 5th item of the "mother-of-pearl-series" made in & about Corea


September 17th with ShibusaShirazu at Star Pine`s Cafe_Tokyo
September 16th with ONJO at Asahi Art Square_Tokyo video
September 4th & 6th video "T_ERROR VI" at EXiS filmfestival,Seoul
Video: part of ExiS filmfestival opening performance

September 1st with Gyejoong Kim & Conrad Schnitzler/Hommage at EXiS,Seoul
July & August in Frankfurt/Germany
June 22nd The Korea Herald article by Julia Salden
May 28th harp/trumpet/reeds - Yikihwa/Choi Sun Bae/A23H at banjul theatre,Seoul/Corea
March 18th Berlin at MaerzMusik,ONJO plays "out to lunch"
March 17th Berlin at MaerzMusik,ONJO plays old TV-music of Takeo Yamashita

out now! 2CD See you in a dream with members of the ONJE on Fmn,Japan

February with ONJO Japan tour: 8th&9th Tokyo,11th Nagoya,12th Kyoto
January Shinjuku New Year Jazz Festival 2006,Tokyo,with ONJO
January RELAY 05,Seoul video


out now! CD "out to lunch" with the ONJO/Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra

December 10th with ONJO,Shibuya_Tokyo
November 25th RELAY 04,Seoul
November 5th Juan Media Festival
November 2nd "Teile dich Nacht",memento Yun Isang at LOVO,Seoul
October 19th "Seoul Milk" at hr2, Frankfurt,9:30pm during the Frankfurt bookfair/guestland Corea
October 18th TV-Feature „A23H in Korea“ at hr3, Frankfurt,10:15pm

out now! "Seoul Milk"CD

out now! DVD "T_error" plus CD"kr ./. jp"

September 16th "Alfred 23 Harth`s 2/3 Virtual Trio" featuring Im Guk at RELAY 03


August 20th with the Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra (ONJO) at Rising Sun Rock Festival 2005 in EZO,Hokkaido/Japan
video: ONJO (with A23H) plays "Eureka" at Rising Sun Rock Festival, Japan, 2005

August 5th: agent A23H plays MIRIM & agent-Indulis-Bilzens-Frankfurt-1997-video at RELAY 02 slideshow

June 25th:with ONJO & photoexhibition at Morishita Culture Center,Tokyo
mixed-media performance with Im Guk at Space Sarubia
balletmusic with on & off

Hessischer Rundfunk TV-portrait: Alfred Harth in Seoul

short video at RELAY 01

May: 8th in Hofheim with Uwe Oberg & Joerg Fischer and
15th in Antwerp /18th Florence / 19th Venice / 20th Wels / 21st Katowicze / 22nd Gdansk (Festival) /
24th Warzawa / 27th Nancy (Festival)/28th St.Etienne (Festival) /29th Stirling (Festival)/ 30th London with
the Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Ensemble(ONJE)

out now:
CD Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra ( ONJO )on : doubtmusic
„Der Frankfurt Sound“ - CD-compilation containing „Sejongno Boulevard“
from my CD „eShip sum“ (my love-declaration to the city of Seoul) on : infracom!
Fine Time 2,CD-compilation,Japan

April 3rd: with mode 0 at "Evans",Seoul

start at RELAY,Seoul,with the video "T_error"

March: Paris,Festival Banlieues Bleues / Gent / Brest / Fribourg / Geneve / Ljubljana with ONJE
with Mani Neumeier at Storm,Seoul

out now!Canary music from the motion picture,CD with members of the ONJE

Tokyo - NHK radio live recording with the ONJE
mode O / Everything Five = former Jeep Quintet - February 20th at "Evans",Seoul


out now! Boycott Rhythm Machine CD-compilation with the ONJE on vinylsoyuz,Japan

Bulgasari with Otomo Yoshihide,Sachiko M,Axel Doerner a.o.

New Jazz Festival Tokyo - Ten days of concerts & recordings with Otomo Yoshihide,Sachiko M,Axel Doerner,
Mats Gustafsson,Cor Fuhler,Tsugami Kenta,Yoshigaki Yasuhiro,Mizutani Hiroaki,
Taku Sugimoto,Ami Yoshida,Toshimaru Nakamura a.m.o.




@ synthetic lab mong hwan - frame rec videos & numark CDX / multimediaperformance

post-onkyo concert history

with Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Ensemble at Yokohama Jazz Promenade Festival and
at Pit Inn/Tokyo (0ctober),
Era New Horizon Filmfestival/Poland,
at MIMI Festival/France,
and at Kyoto Festival P-hour (July)

Voice Of Asia Festival in Jeonju,EBS-TV broadcasting

out now!heart po$ter on rasbliutto,Portland

01.eShip sumCD + re:actor/TT Do-CD
on O BACK CD.Made In Corea

A23H on clean feed.Portugal


Revolving Door Performance at the
Seoul Museum Of Art to the opening of an Yi Soonjoo exhibition

JEONJU International Film Festival Project-band(Korea/USA/Japan/Germany) with
Park Changsoo,Kevin Norton,Chino Shuichi,A23H
playing to silent movies from G.W.Pabst and G.Dulac and Houseconcert 2004.4.23

625 @ Space T


JEEP QUINTET with Choi Sun Bae-trumpet,Kae sOo-jung-piano, Chang U Choi-bass,Chris Varga-drums,A23H-saxes&clarinets
at "Evans",Seoul

JEEP QUARTET at CMG Jazz Park,KBS TV-broadcasting


Ballet-music for "on & off":That Person Then/2004 Remix
Seoul Arts Center


Bulgasari Vol.17


Ekoda Buddy,Tokyo,February 4th with Katsui yuji,Kazuto Shimizu,
Takayuki Kato,Yoshigaki Yasuhiro

Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Quintet February 6th +7th at Shinjuku Pitt Inn,Tokyo

Bridge, Osaka, February 8th with Kazuhisa Uchihashi a.o.

Solo-exhibition at Tonfilmstudio Boeffgen,Frankfurt am Main




free music festival,Seoul

4th Panart 2003 Contemporary Music Festival


October-concerts in Tokyo with Yasuhiro Yoshigaki,Katsui yushi,
Kazuhisa Uchihashi,Ami Yoshida,Joe Foster


Messenger_2003 Korea Experimental Arts Festival

Where are you? group-exhibition at MARRONNIER ART MUSEUM


Concerts at the Park Changsoo-Houseconcert-series2003.3.26 with Wolfgang Stryi,
Gala 2003.12.26


ENSEMBLE NAEIL with Choi Sun Bae and the traditional Corean instrumentalists
Kim Gyu Hyoung and Kim Eun Young


9th Anseong Juksan International Arts Festival
"Laughing Stone Drio" with Choi Sun Bae,Joe Foster


LaubhuetteStudio_productions 2003:

VOR GANG_CDR,solo on acoustic guitar
Pictures Frankfurt # Seoul_CDR with 400 digital-pictures

MERCURY transit ballet-music for On & Off with Choi Sun Bae
at Theater Zero

start of Bulgasari In Seoul_regular electro-acoustic concert-nights





LaubhuetteStudio_productions 2002:

08 + 15 CELEBRATION_CDR with Choi Sun Bae
ACHTER ATEM_CDR - remixes of Kang Tae Hwan solo-album "Seven Breath"

2833 THE BLUE SPOT ballet-music for On & Off at Chongdong Theater
& Theater Zero and THAT PERSON THEN at Byeroreum,National Theater of Korea

Concerts at the Park Changsoo-Houseconcert-series 2002.9.27,

Gala 2002.12.27


SEOUL MILK_CDR, crossover-radioplay
at Hessischer Rundfunk,Frankfurt/Main,Germany


waxwebwind@ebroadway_CD, TRIO VIRIDITAS
with Wilber Morris,Kevin Norton
- CF003Trem Azul, Portugal


SEOUL U' YOU _ CD with Kim Hyung Tae
TERROR MILK_ liveperformance,electronics & videos with Kim Hyung Tae at Ssamzie Space
_liveperformance,electronics & videos with Gim Hyung Tae at Sal Bar

TRIO CHP with Choi Sun Bae,Park Changsoo at
Panart Contemporary Music Festival and others


Festival Beyond Innocence,Osaka,Japan
duos with Uchihashi Kazuhisa and Chino Shuichi and solo

installations & 900 selected photos from Seoul-Land group-exhibition at Ssamzie Space

5th of September 2001 - 27th of February 2002 grant at Ssamzie-Space


concerts in 2000 :

with Kang Tae Hwan,Park Je Chun,Park Changsoo at Pan Art Hall

with Kang Tae Hwan,Mi Yeon,Park Je Chun ,at Dalki Theatre

2000 grant at art/music OMI,New York
2000 foundation of Trio Viriditas in New York City

emailadress: harth23(ät)