September 17th with ShibusaShirazu at Star Pine`s Cafe_Tokyo
September 16th with ONJO at Asahi Art Square_Tokyo video
September 4th & 6th video "T_ERROR VI" at EXiS filmfestival,Seoul
Video: part of ExiS filmfestival opening performance

September 1st with Gyejoong Kim & Conrad Schnitzler/Hommage at EXiS,Seoul
July & August in Frankfurt/Germany
June 22nd The Korea Herald article by Julia Salden
May 28th harp/trumpet/reeds - Yikihwa/Choi Sun Bae/A23H at banjul theatre,Seoul/Corea
March 18th Berlin at MaerzMusik,ONJO plays "out to lunch"
March 17th Berlin at MaerzMusik,ONJO plays old TV-music of Takeo Yamashita

out now! 2CD See you in a dream with members of the ONJE on Fmn,Japan

February with ONJO Japan tour: 8th&9th Tokyo,11th Nagoya,12th Kyoto
January Shinjuku New Year Jazz Festival 2006,Tokyo,with ONJO
January RELAY 05,Seoul video


out now! CD "out to lunch" with the ONJO/Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra

December 10th with ONJO,Shibuya_Tokyo
November 25th RELAY 04,Seoul
November 5th Juan Media Festival
November 2nd "Teile dich Nacht",memento Yun Isang at LOVO,Seoul
October 19th "Seoul Milk" at hr2, Frankfurt,9:30pm during the Frankfurt bookfair/guestland Corea
October 18th TV-Feature „A23H in Korea“ at hr3, Frankfurt,10:15pm

out now! "Seoul Milk"CD

out now! DVD "T_error" plus CD"kr ./. jp"

September 16th "Alfred 23 Harth`s 2/3 Virtual Trio" featuring Im Guk at RELAY 03


August 20th with the Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra (ONJO) at Rising Sun Rock Festival 2005 in EZO,Hokkaido/Japan
video: ONJO (with A23H) plays "Eureka" at Rising Sun Rock Festival, Japan, 2005

August 5th: agent A23H plays MIRIM & agent-Indulis-Bilzens-Frankfurt-1997-video at RELAY 02 slideshow

June 25th:with ONJO & photoexhibition at Morishita Culture Center,Tokyo
mixed-media performance with Im Guk at Space Sarubia
balletmusic with on & off

Hessischer Rundfunk TV-portrait: Alfred Harth in Seoul

short video at RELAY 01

May: 8th in Hofheim with Uwe Oberg & Joerg Fischer and
15th in Antwerp /18th Florence / 19th Venice / 20th Wels / 21st Katowicze / 22nd Gdansk (Festival) /
24th Warzawa / 27th Nancy (Festival)/28th St.Etienne (Festival) /29th Stirling (Festival)/ 30th London with
the Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Ensemble(ONJE)

out now:
CD Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra ( ONJO )on : doubtmusic
„Der Frankfurt Sound“ - CD-compilation containing „Sejongno Boulevard“
from my CD „eShip sum“ (my love-declaration to the city of Seoul) on : infracom!
Fine Time 2,CD-compilation,Japan

April 3rd: with mode 0 at "Evans",Seoul

start at RELAY,Seoul,with the video "T_error"

March: Paris,Festival Banlieues Bleues / Gent / Brest / Fribourg / Geneve / Ljubljana with ONJE
with Mani Neumeier at Storm,Seoul

out now!Canary music from the motion picture,CD with members of the ONJE

Tokyo - NHK radio live recording with the ONJE
mode O / Everything Five = former Jeep Quintet - February 20th at "Evans",Seoul


out now! Boycott Rhythm Machine CD-compilation with the ONJE on vinylsoyuz,Japan

Bulgasari with Otomo Yoshihide,Sachiko M,Axel Doerner a.o.

New Jazz Festival Tokyo - Ten days of concerts & recordings with Otomo Yoshihide,Sachiko M,Axel Doerner,
Mats Gustafsson,Cor Fuhler,Tsugami Kenta,Yoshigaki Yasuhiro,Mizutani Hiroaki,
Taku Sugimoto,Ami Yoshida,Toshimaru Nakamura a.m.o.